3 Ways You Can Save Money This Holiday Season

With the 2019 holiday season fast approaching, our team here at Tadross Law would like to offer advice to help shoppers save money and keep themselves out of debt. As a reputable bankruptcy law firm in Bucks County, our law office is well-versed in civil litigations, transactional matters, IRS tax problems, and much more. Below are some useful tips on how you can save money this holiday season.

Keep Track of Your Spending

Budgets will not work out if you fail to keep track of your spending effectively. For some people, the best way to do this is to allocate a dedicated bank account for holiday funds. This makes it easy to separate holiday expenses from day-to-day expenses. Our team also recommends using a spreadsheet to track your holiday expenditures.

By entering your real expenses and establishing a budget, you can hold yourself accountable and keep track of your spending. Tracking expenses digitally and in real-time is much more efficient than relying on receipts which can easily be misplaced.

Cut Down on Extras

We’re all guilty of a little extra self-indulgence when it comes to the holiday season. The holiday season is an exciting excuse to go out for coffee, buy new outfits, and purchase seasonal items that add holiday cheer to your home.

If you cut back on these extras, you can seriously improve your bottom line. For instance, if you spend $5.00 on a cinnamon and pumpkin spice latte twice a week throughout November and December, that’s an extra $80 on pricey seasonal coffees. That cash could have been spent on heating bills, additional Christmas gifts, or spending money on a holiday in the new year. Before you decide to indulge in a seasonal treat, make sure it’s definitely worth the price tag.

Be Cautious During “Sales”

Who doesn’t love a good holiday sale? Sales can be a perfect opportunity to purchase new items at discounted prices. But beware, not all deals are an honest reflection of a “discount.” Some stores will mark their products with a sale sign while keeping prices the same.

Apps such as ShopSavvy can help to compare “sale” prices to nearby stores and internet retailers, helping to guarantee that you get the best possible deal. 

Are you easily enticed into stores and malls due to festive atmospheres and decorations? You’re not alone! If this is the case, try to shop solely online. Online shopping helps to avoid being enticed into a store and making unwise purchases.

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