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At Tadross Law, we protect people against ejectment proceedings, which can happen if you fall behind in rental or mortgage payments and refuse to vacate the premises.

Falling behind even a month on your rent or on mortgage payments can have dire consequences. Eviction or foreclosure proceedings may be started against you. If you continue to remain on the property, the owner may file an ejection lawsuit, which forces you to leave. At Tadross Law, our Philadelphia ejection lawyer provides the trusted legal guidance and aggressive representation you need in this situation. Find out whether ejection is likely to apply in your case and the actions we can take to help.

The Difference Between Ejection and Eviction

Paying expenses pertaining to your home or apartment is a top priority. However, Tadross Law frequently represents clients in cases in which job losses, unexpected expenses, personal problems, and medical issues have caused them to fall behind. In apartments and other types of rental properties, if you have a rental agreement in place, your landlord may start eviction proceedings against you. While it may take several months to complete, once an eviction order is issued, you are legally required to vacate the premises.

If you own your home, falling behind in the mortgage could result in foreclosure proceedings. Without taking any legal actions to prevent it or to get caught up on your payments, this will result in a sheriff’s sale of the property. In some cases, the foreclosed on owner will continue to remain in the home throughout this process. Once it has been sold at auction, the new mortgage holder (which may be the bank) may have to file an ejection lawsuit in order to force the previous owner out.

Ejection may also involve rental units in cases in which a person has been living on the property without a lease and now refuses to leave. In these types of serious matters, our Philadelphia ejection lawyers help you find the solutions you need.

Get the Legal Protection You Need

At Tadross Law, we provide the legal protection clients need when faced with pressing financial problems. If you are falling behind in your rent or in your mortgage payments, reach out to our Philadelphia office right away. Ways we can help include:

  • Bankruptcy counseling:Filing for bankruptcy through the U.S Court system may be the best solution to your problem. It can allow you to get the fresh start you need by eliminating certain types of debts and restructuring other payments.
  • Foreclosure defense: As an experienced Philadelphia foreclosure defense attorney, we can help in renegotiating mortgage payments and challenging foreclosures in court.
  • Ejection defense: If an ejection lawsuit is filed against you, we provide the aggressive representation needed to protect you against further penalties.

Get Our Philadelphia Eviction, Foreclosure, and Ejection Lawyer on Your Side

At the Tadross Law, you can count on us to provide the legal guidance you need when faced with eviction, foreclosure, or ejection. To discuss your options, call (267) 382-4451 or contact our Philadelphia office online and request a free case evaluation today. 

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With offices conveniently located in center city Philadelphia and Lansdale, we proudly serve clients in the city and all surrounding counties.

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With offices conveniently located in center city Philadelphia and Lansdale, we proudly serve clients in the city and all surrounding counties

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