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Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement Attorney in Philadelphia and Lansdale, PA

You don’t have to face financial struggles on your own. Tadross Law will help you navigate through legal waters to find a secure financial future.

When you’re facing growing debt, the loss of property or wage garnishment, talk to an experienced attorney. We’ll provide assistance with:

We offer free consultations for any of our services. Contact Tadross Law today to speak with a bankruptcy attorney in Lansdale and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Get help managing a growing amount of debt.

Foreclosure Defense

A notice doesn’t mean you will lose your home.

IRS Settlement

We’ll help you reach an agreement with the government.

Debt Settlement

Renegotiate the terms and amount of your payments.

We’ll determine what’s best for your personal situation

Schedule a consultation so we can determine if you’re going to qualify for debt relief. We dive deep into your finances and need about 30-45 minutes to determine the best plan for your personal situation. This deep dive consultation is absolutely free. It doesn’t matter what you owe, it’s what you have. We care about your financial future.

Talk to a bankruptcy attorney in Philadelphia and Lansdale, PA today to learn your best financial options.

Get attentive, personalized legal advice

We care about what happens to you. We understand that financial difficulties are extremely stressful and emotionally draining. A reliable attorney won’t just take your money and run. We offer affordable flat rates instead of hourly billing.

Get a free estimate on our services by contacting a bankruptcy and foreclosure defense attorney in Philadelphia and Lansdale, Pennsylvania.